Dickson Photography | 2015 Lions Club Car Show 1

Fast Chrome Art Prints

A finished art print can be made from your digital image or one that we make at the show. You can purchase prints mailed to you or a digital artist image sent to you for download.
  • Artist Touch - If you would like one of these images put on a different background or given a different look just email me at: ndickson9400@gmail.com
  • The fee for the Artist Touch is 35 to 150 dollars plus the cost of the print.
  • Without any artist enhancements the Image file is 100 dollars.
  • Prints range in price from 25 to 200 dollars.

First - pick out your image that you have made or one that we have taken.

Second - Email me the largest .jpg file size possible to:
Use the subject line Photo Car Art.

Third - Tell me in the email what you want as a background and I will work up an artist proof for you to check out and we can go from there.

You may call me at (870) 926-9400 and leave me a voice message or text me at this number and I will call or text you back.

Check out the images form Last Years 2014 show.http://dicksondesigns.zenfolio.com/p78110606